PRIFRA Animal Automatic Gravity Dry Food Storage Bottle Bowl Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Pet Food for Dog Cat Bowl

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Price: ₹1,499.00 - ₹699.00
(as of Sep 04,2021 17:52:00 UTC – Details)

  • Food dispenses automatically so there is no need to fill up the pet bowl however, the food jar must be re filled with time. 
  • The safety twist mouth ring makes it easy to lock and prevent any leak.
  • Keep pets happily fed with the Pet Feeder , Large. Ideal for cats or dogs in single- or multiple-pet homes, the feeder use to ensure a fresh, consistent supply of dry pet food , respectively. 
  • As food in the bowl runs low, the feeder’s food-storage hopper above automatically releases more dry food down into the bowl. 
  • To fill the feeder, simply unscrew the top lid, and pour up to 5.44 kg of any favorite brand of dry pet food into the extra-wide-mouth hopper.
  • To clean, wash the pet feeder routinely by hand with warm soapy water, thoroughly rinse, and wipe down with a clean drying cloth or allow to fully air dry. 
  • The removable parts and wide-mouth design allow for easy access to effectively clean all the different components, inside and out.

This pet water feeder is a stylishly designed gravity device, material- plastic,Easy to use and safe.
Small pet feeder uses gravity to ensure a consistent supply of dry pet food; ideal for cats or dogs in single or multiple-pet homes
The 3.5kg capacity and the automatic gravity supply mode will ensure your pets having easy access of fresh food, perfect for cats and small dogs!
The barrel and the base can be detached and cleaned separately, no trouble with cleaning.

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