Wing’s Premium Safflower Seed(Kusum Beej/Kardi Seeds) | 450gm Pack for Your Lovebirds, Macaws, African Grey, Conures, Cockatiels, Cockatoo

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About Wing’s:- Wing’s Safflower Seed is a great way to attract the birds you want – Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, Grosbeaks – and discourage the “feeder hogs”, like Grackles and Starlings, Wing’s Safflower Seed is truly a premium, high value seed not found in ordinary blends. So give the Cardinals their favorite seed and keep the pests away at the same time, with Wing’s Safflower Seed. About Seeds Description Safflower is a bit smaller than black oil sunflower seeds and has a tough shell for such a little seed. Safflower has a nice supply of fat and proteins which provide the necessary energy and nutrition your birds require. Have you ever used safflower seed before for your bird? If not, I want to warn you that it may take a bit for your birds to get accustomed to this new food. Don’t panic if you put out a feeder full of safflower seed and it’s ignored at first. For first time users, I think it’s best to mix it in with the foods you have been using or buy a birdseed blend that includes a bit of safflower along with other popular foods like sunflower and peanuts. A combination of 50% sunflower and 50% safflower is an excellent mix. Once your birds are acclimated and used to eating, then it’s OK to use straight safflower in a feeder. What pointers should you remember about feeding your lovebird? Always monitor the amount of food eaten every day by each bird. Offer fresh water every day. Offer a variety of fresh foods every day. Offer fresh fruits and vegetables every day Clean all food and water dishes daily. No to a food item one day does not mean no forever – KEEP TRYING!, Why feed birds? Many birds, including the common house sparrow (Passer domestics), are decreasing worldwide. Today, our farms are full of poisonous pesticides and insecticides. Birds are finding it increasingly difficult to find food and water for their day to day requirements. Birds need extra water in winters and summers as their food has less water content in it and the natural sources.

Highest quality grains used. A favorite seed of Macaw, Finches, Doves, Nuthatches, titmice, grosbeaks, Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows. Nutrition Content 38% Fat, 6% protien, 34% Carbohydrates.
Safflower seeds which are useful for good conditioning of hair and Helps in breeding of birds. Safflower act as antibiotic for birds.
Wing’s Premium Safflower Seeds for your Preciouses Lovely Birds. Naturally preserved for ideal freshness.
Comes in Stand Up pouch

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